Are B2K Breaking Up?

Manager's statement seems to conflict with recent appearance by remaining members.

B2K fans have a new reason to scream over their favorite group, but unfortunately it's not in jubilation — they're yelling in angst. For the past few days radio stations have been saying the foursome has split.

Could it be that the "B" in B2K can now stand for "broken," as in the hearts of girls across the country, because Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz are breaking up? Here's where you need Columbo or maybe just a good lawyer to figure things out.

On Monday morning (January 5), longtime B2K manager Chris Stokes released a statement saying that the act he was instrumental in putting together had disbanded because of something B2K's rabid following would deem unfathomable: the seemingly tight-knit collective had fallen victim to inner turmoil.

"We've had a great run together making hit songs, albums and now movies," Stokes said in the statement. "The kids are growing up and are interested in pursing their own careers. I have enormous respect for each of them, and I wish them success in their pursuit of their individual careers. B2K was an extremely talented singing group that will surely be missed."

Stokes also said he would continue to guide the career of the group's lead singer, Omarion. Here's where the situation gets sketchy. Pictures have surfaced of the remaining B2K members at a contract signing over the weekend with the sports and entertainment company CMX. Cozying up at a table together, the three don't look like they're ready to split from each other anytime soon.

Late Monday evening, CMX chairman Antonio Demetrius Brown said he's now helping to guide the trio and that they'll continue on as a group. Whether they'll continue to operate under the B2K moniker is still being negotiated.

"They see the light," Brown said of the three. "They've been cleansed. It's a rebirth."

Brown also promised B2K fans will have plenty of reasons to rejoice soon. A spokesperson for their label, Epic, had no comment. (What do you think of the possibility of a B2K breakup? You Tell Us.)

B2K as we've known them for the past few years had the strongest following of any male R&B group in the market (see "Ice, Screaming Girls And Naps: A Day In The Life Of B2K"). Their movie "You Got Served" hits theaters at the end of this month, they released the film's soundtrack shortly before Christmas, and they had scheduled auditions for their next music video later this week.

In the middle of a short tour, the quartet postponed its remaining dates on the eve of Friday's show at New York's Beacon Theater, claiming an injured Omarion as the reason. With O's health on the upswing, the four remaining dates have been rescheduled to start back up again February 6 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. All four members of B2K are committed for the shows.

Prior to Stokes' announcement, the foursome revealed plans for solo projects from Omarion and Lil Fizz later this year. In light of the recent developments, however, it isn't looking too good for the planned B2K/Bow Wow joint venture (see "B2K, Bow Wow So Far From Beef They're Planning Joint LP").