Bubba Sparxxx Makes New Money With Pastor Troy, Youngbloodz's Sean Paul

Group, which also includes G-Walk, Polo, currently has nine songs in the can.

Much has been said about the new generation of the Dirty South, the rappers who have benefited from the success of groups like Outkast and Goodie Mob. Now, some of them are uniting under the tutelage of super-hitmaker Timbaland to form the "new South" all-star group, New Money.

Bubba Sparxxx, Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz and Pastor Troy are hooking up for the side project, which formed last summer when Sparxxx and the Youngbloodz dropped a white label of the song of the same name for a DJ Enuff mixtape. Also in the mix are newcomers G-Walk and producer Polo.

"We've got nine songs now and hopefully we'll finish up the rest real soon," Sparxxx said. He hinted that the New Money album would come out through Interscope — where he finds his home through Timbaland's Beat Club Records — in early 2004, though a label spokesperson couldn't confirm that.

"One day Bubba told me he had a dream that we and G-Walk were in a group together," Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz said. "Then it all came together. We were out one night actin' a fool, spendin' plenty of money. We were spendin' that new money because the old money was gone."

In other Bubba Sparxxx news, it seems he and Blink-182 are becoming fast friends. Not only did the punk-pop group take Bubba on tour (see "Blink-182 Mix Maturity, Mohawks While Bubba Gets Jiggly At NYC Dollar Date"), they will remix his next single, "Back in the Mud."

"It's a big thing for them to help me out," Bubba said. "I had given up on people being genuine and really doing things with the good of their heart, and here's a situation where they told me they heard the album and fell in love with it."