Smash Mouth 'Hang' With Mike Myers For 'Cat' Clip

Actor appears in video for soundtrack single.

Mike Myers is creating synergy for his latest film project by

appearing in and recreating scenes from his movie "The Cat in the Hat" for Smash Mouth's "Hang On" video.

The clip, which was shot last week in a Long Island, New York, studio with director Nick Quested at the helm, is one of two Smash Mouth songs that will appear on the film's soundtrack, which is due out next month.

"It was probably hands down the most fun I've ever had making a video," Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell said.

According to Harwell, Myers plays himself in the video, although he dresses like a Canadian rube in the vein of Bob and Doug McKenzie, the classic "SCTV" characters played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. While the band performs "Hang On" on a set that mirrors a set from the

live-action film, Myers does his best to gum up the works.

"[Myers] would come from out of nowhere on the soundstage and attack me," Harwell said. "I'd be singing into the microphone and the camera would be straight on me in this serious moment, and he'd be behind me

making these stupid faces. Then once I would turn my head to look at him, he would stare at the ceiling with his finger on his mouth as if to say, 'I'm not doing anything.' It was f---in' hilarious. He's so good when he turns it out. It blew my mind."

Footage from the video shoot will be edited with footage from the film to make it look as if the band is performing live in the bedroom of one of the movie's young characters. Throughout the 13-hour video shoot, the band performed in either red or blue attire, and the set changed


Along with "Hang On" — which also appears on band's latest album, Get the Picture?, and will run during the film's closing credits — Smash Mouth recently recorded a cover of the Beatles' "Getting Better" for the movie. Aside from the original score, "Getting Better" will be the only new recording featured on the soundtrack.

Harwell said Myers had very specific ideas for "Getting Better" and wound up more or less co-producing the track. "Every day he was on the phone with us going, 'Change this, change that,'" the singer explained. The band would e-mail Myers MP3s of the track throughout the recording so Myers would weigh in. The result was a radical interpretation that

features giant choruses similar to Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Smash Mouth will perform both tunes, along with a few others, at a party after the premiere of "The Cat in the Hat" at the University Citywalk in Universal City, California, on November 8.

This marks the third time that at least one Smash Mouth song has appeared in a Mike Myers film. In 2001, their cover of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" was included on the "Shrek" soundtrack, and last year the band contributed "Ain't No Mystery" to the "Austin Powers in Goldmember" soundtrack.