Jessica Simpson Is Going To Harvard — No, Really

Singer, husband Nick Lachey to do concert/Q&A events at Ivy League schools.

Jessica Simpson has conquered camping, laundry and looking sexy in freezing temperatures. Harvard should be a breeze.

The fact that she's not studying there, but rather performing and hosting a question-and-answer session with students, will help.

Details have not been finalized, but Simpson and husband Nick Lachey are hitting Harvard and the other Ivy League schools on a tour in early 2004.

The trip will be filmed for the second season of "Newlyweds," the latest MTV reality hit (see "Nick And Jessica Keep It Real On Their New TV Show").

Jessica's manager and father, Joe Simpson, said the idea of a scatterbrain beauty crashing prestigious campuses was inspired by "Legally Blonde," the comedy featuring Reese Witherspoon as a surprisingly successful Harvard student.

Before the Ivy League tour, Simpson will warm up with a similar string of concert/Q&A events at high schools across the country. That outing begins October 23 in Atlanta and visits Dallas, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Chicago and Kansas City before ending November 11 in Minneapolis.

"['Newlyweds'] is all about showing that Jessica's just a regular person and the Q&As are just another extension of that," Joe Simpson said. "Her album is about having self-esteem and the message is that anyone can achieve their dreams."

Along with the tours, Simpson has been busy meeting with movie producers about a number of projects, including a big screen adaptation of "I Dream of Jeannie." No commitments have been made yet, however.

"With You," the second single from Jessica's In This Skin, was released to radio and video outlets this week.