Pink Didn't Have To Try Too Hard To Make Try This

Singer says third LP came together 'really fast, really easy.'

Pink poured a lot of her soul into Missundaztood — almost too much, she says. That's why for her latest effort she just wanted to get the party started, punk-rock style.

Recording on the fly with Rancid's Tim Armstrong and Blink-182's Travis Barker aboard, Pink said making the more rabble-rousing Try This (see "Pink + Punk = Plenty Of Spunk On Upcoming Try This") was so quick and natural that she surprised even herself.

"It was really fast, really easy. There was no resistance with this album," she said. "[Making Missundaztood] was enlightening and liberating and powerful and lyrical, and blah, blah, blah. It's emotionally draining to be that naked and that vulnerable. I didn't have a plan [for the new album]. I just knew I wanted to have fun and I didn't want to complain all the time" (see "Pink Won't Be 'Yapping About Her Problems' On New LP, Linda Perry Says").

Pink started her recording sessions with her main Missundaztood songwriting partner, Linda Perry, "because that's my safe place," and the duo ended up creating three songs. But then the singer started gravitating toward other collaborators, including Billy Mann ("God Is a DJ"), Damian Elliot ("Love Song") and, most fruitfully, Armstrong.

"I went on tour with [his side project, the Transplants,] and slept on the bus," Pink said, "and set up drums in the hallway and guitars in the back and ProTools, and we recorded three songs on the bus in two days."

Pink went back into the studio later for a session with Armstrong, who ultimately co-wrote and produced eight tracks on the album, most of which were finished in less than a week.

"He was like this burst of energy," Pink said of Armstrong, "and he's really good for your ego, having him around, because everything you do, he's like, 'That's amazing!' 'What do you think of this melody?' 'That's rad!' "

Of those sessions, "Unwind" features Blink-182's Barker on drums, while "Oh My God" works as a racy duet with risqué rapper Peaches. "She's hot and raunchy, and I like her a lot," Pink said.

Though most of the songs on Try This are rockers about "causing trouble, making waves," a few numbers are actually love songs — Pink's first foray into that field, perhaps influenced by her relationship with motocross star Carey Hart. But they're not your typical love songs.

"['Love Song'] is definitely more about fear than the average 'I love you, I found you, I'm going to be with you for the rest of my life,' " she sang, imitating a cheesy lounge crooner. "It's more based on the fear that comes along with loving someone."

But there's no fear of not being loved by music fans. "I have no intention of making it just as big [as Missundaztood]. I'd love just as many people to hear it, and of course there's pressure, but you just can't work under those circumstances. I can't live like that."

Try This hits stores November 11.