Bobby Brown Arrested While Eating Out With Whitney

Singer nabbed more than a month after authorities put out warrant for his arrest.

More than a month after authorities put out a warrant for his arrest, singer
Bobby Brown was nabbed by police Friday night as he had dinner with wife
Whitney Houston at a seafood restaurant in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta.

The “My Prerogative” singer was taken without incident at the
Atlantic Seafood Company after an anonymous tipster notified police
of his presence, according to the restaurant’s manager, Grey Maples.

“The police came in and we asked them to do us a favor and let Mr. Brown come
outside and not make a scene in the restaurant,” Maples said. “The officers
then followed me in and I asked [Brown] to come with me and he was real
cooperative.” Maples said Houston left at the same time. To add to the drama, a limo
was pulling out just as officers arrived, resulting in a scramble, Maples
said, as Alpharetta police believed Brown was making a quick getaway.

Brown, 34, was transported to DeKalb County jail and booked for a parole
violation on a 7-year-old drunk-driving charge. The singer served eight days
in jail on the charge in January and was ordered to serve an additional two
years probation.

He will remain in jail until Wednesday morning, when he will face a state court judge, according to a DeKalb County sheriff’s office spokesperson. Though it is up to the judge in the case to decide, it is possible that such violations could result in more jail time.

The misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued on July 17 when Brown failed to report on several conditions of his probation, which includes 240 hours of community service, six months of twice-weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and random alcohol and drug screenings (see “Bobby Brown A Wanted Man Again” ). Deputies had
attempted to find Brown at his Atlanta-area home and several other locations
prior to his arrest on Friday.

One place authorities were on the lookout for Brown was at the Taboo Bistro
and Bar earlier this month, where Houston was celebrating her 40th birthday,
but he skipped out on the festivities. Brown has had several visitors since he
was booked on Friday night, but Houston was not among them, the sheriff’s office spokesperson said.

This is the second time this year that a warrant has been issued for Brown’s
arrest. A bench warrant was issued in January after the R&B singer attended
the American Music Awards in Los Angeles instead of a court appointment in
DeKalb County, where he was awaiting trial for the 1996 arrest. During that stop,
police charged that Brown was driving his red Mercedes erratically, and he was
charged with driving under the influence, speeding, failing to maintain lane
and having no proof of insurance.

Brown was arrested in Atlanta on November 7 on charges of
marijuana possession, speeding and having no driver’s license or proof of insurance
(see “Bobby Brown Arrested For Drug Possession, Speeding” ). It was at that
point that authorities realized the 1996 case had fallen through the cracks when
Brown failed to show for his original court date in 1997.

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