JC Chasez 'Really, Really Happy' With Album, But Pushes Back Release Date

Singer's solo debut will now drop on October 21.

JC Chasez has pushed back the release date of his debut solo album from August 26 to October 21 to allow for more time to record.

The 'NSYNC singer has also set the album title as Schizophrenic, one of a few he was considering, including The Truth (see "JC Chasez Previews Schizophrenic Solo Debut").

Along with Justin Timberlake, Chasez has been an active songwriter for 'NSYNC, co-authoring four songs on Celebrity and three on No Strings Attached. Compared to his songs for the group, which were tweaked by the other members and producers, he calls his solo material "polished demos."

"It's basically the raw idea from the beginning, you know, it stays true," Chasez said at a studio in April. "There's always compromises being made [with 'NSYNC], because you know you're the voice of five people, not just yourself. And that's totally the right thing, because it's a group and you want to speak for the group, you don't want to speak for yourself."

Other producers Chasez worked with on Schizophrenic include Dallas Austin (TLC), R&B hitmaker Rodney Jerkins, newcomer Rob Boldt and BT, the electronic music guru behind "Pop."

"I kind of sailed into this whole project not wanting to think about it, just wanting to let it flow out of me," Chasez said. "And I've done that up to this point and I'm really, really, really happy with it because I explored so many different sounds."