Kate Hudson Wants To Give Moviegoers The Creeps

Actress switching gears from romantic comedies to star in scary flick 'Skeleton Key.'

From "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" to "Alex & Emma," Kate Hudson is something of a romantic comedy queen, but her next project could be the "key" to conquering an entirely different genre: the scary movie.

Hudson plays a caretaker looking after an elderly couple in "Skeleton Key," a psychological thriller that's been described as similar to "The Sixth Sense." "I'm really excited about it," she said recently of the film, which is set in New Orleans. "I've always wanted to do a scary movie. But it's a real scary movie. It's not like a [simple] 'horror' film. It's one of those scary movies [where] instead of being, 'Boo!' it's more like 'Ahhh ...'

"It's one of those things, like a creepy-crawly [story], where everything bugs you and gets under your skin," she continued, "and then it's nuts, and then you're like, 'What? What was that ending?' It's one of those."

Scheduled to begin shooting in the fall, "Skeleton Key" is being directed by Iain Softley ("K-PAX") based on a script from screenwriter Ehren Kruger ("The Ring").

Speaking of "The Ring," Hudson will next be seen alongside "Ring" star Naomi Watts in "Le Divorce," a romantic comedy shot in Paris that hits theaters in August. She also has the slightly meatier drama "Raising Helen" on the way in 2004 (see "Pregnant Kate Hudson Got The Baby Itch Shooting 'Raising Helen' ").