Blink-182 LP Gets Title From GN'R, Gloom From Robert Smith

Use Your Erection I and II due in October or November, depending on who you believe.

IRVINE, California — Blink-182 are continuing their fine tradition of potty humor album titles, following up 2001's Take Off Your Pants and Jacket with Use Your Erection I and II.

Drummer Travis Barker revealed the Guns N' Roses-inspired name at Saturday's KROQ Weenie Roast, where he performed with the Transplants (see "Pink Teams With Transplants, Good Charlotte Unplug For Weenie Roast"). He said the album is due October 28, although a spokesperson at the band's label said it's scheduled for November.

According to Barker, a collaboration with his friends the Neptunes is still just in talks, but Blink-182 are definitely working with a few guests, including DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator and singer Robert Smith of the Cure.

"We just got a lot of people who ... we love and we look up to," Barker said. "[The Smith collaboration] is a super downer. I mean, there's some dark songs on the record. It's pretty cool."

Blink-182 have four songs left to record for the album, which is being produced by longtime associate Jerry Finn (see "Blink-182 'Halfway' Done With LP, Plan To Play Middle East") "It's me working on more beats and rhythms, but the same Blink formula," Barker said of the sound. "It's just new, it's fresh, it's where we should be after two years, you know?"