With God's Help, Jim Carrey Tries To Unseat 'The Matrix Reloaded'

Also opening Friday are 'The In-Laws' and, in some cities, 'Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns.'

Even with all of the powers of heaven, Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty" may not be able to topple the box-office might of "The Matrix Reloaded" — because, after all, it's still just a movie.

The rubbery-faced megastar plays an average Joe who is granted all of the powers of God in the new comedy, which hits theaters Friday. Carrey is a news reporter whose nonstop complaining about his lot in life has not gone unnoticed by God, played by Morgan Freeman. After a particularly bad day, Bruce insults the Lord, who gives him all of His powers and challenges Bruce to do a better job with the world's ills. Jennifer Aniston also stars. (Click for photos from "Bruce Almighty.")

"Jim is funny onscreen and offscreen," Aniston said recently. "Morgan was God, which was great; he was godly, you know? He has a godly presence to him."

The supernatural comedy will have to contend with "The Matrix Reloaded," the first of this year's two "Matrix" sequels, which enjoyed the second largest opening of all time last weekend and the largest opening for an R-rated film (see "A Red Pill With That Popcorn, Please — 'Matrix Reloaded' Is #1").

Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks' remake of the 1979 comedy "The In-Laws" is the only other new film going into wide release this week. "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns," a documentary tracking the 20-year career of quirky pop duo They Might Be Giants, opens in select cities.