Mariah Carey Adding Some New Charms To Her Bracelet

Latest album will be reissued with bonus tracks this summer.

It looks like there's still some more charm to be squeezed out of Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet.

Her latest album, which dropped in December, will be reissued this summer with four new tracks. The popular duet with Busta Rhymes "I Know What You Want," which originally appeared on Rhymes' It Ain't Safe No More, will be among the bonus cuts.

Carey also recorded a remix of "The One" with Jermaine Dupri and Bone Crusher, which might be included. And, according to her label, two more new songs will be added, though they haven't been confirmed yet.

Coinciding with the re-release of the album, Carey will kick off a tour that will include picks from fans — or "lambs," as she calls them — who can vote for their favorite 20 songs on her Web site.

The new Charmbracelet, with revised cover art, is tentatively due July 29.