Busta Rhymes Goes To Court, Tries To Prevent Assault Charges

Massachusetts magistrate will determine whether enough probable cause exists for rapper to be charged.

A spontaneous performance by Busta Rhymes at a Massachusetts bar in December has come back to haunt him. The rapper was forced to return to Fall River this week to contest a woman who claims Rhymes assaulted her after the show.

Busta told his side of the story Tuesday in a hearing with District Court Clerk Magistrate Ronald A. Valcourt, who will decide if enough probable cause exists to charge the rapper.

Rhymes visited Jake's Twin Saloons in Fall River following a promotional event in Providence, Rhode Island, on December 7. The rapper is friends with the nightclub's DJ, who persuaded him to perform.

After the show, 21-year-old Celine Giguere of Providence told police she was assaulted, although Rhymes insists the incident never happened. "If he wasn't who he was, there wouldn't be a case," Rhymes' local counsel, Joseph Oteri, said Friday (May 2). "There's a civil case too. They want money."

Robert Kalina, Rhyme's lawyer, called the case "typical ambulance chasing" and said Giguere's credibility was called into question at the hearing, particularly after she changed her story of how she was assaulted. "She also admitted she touched Busta's face, so the sergeant present said he was going to arrest her for assault," Kalina said.

Giguere's sister was overheard by several witnesses at Jake's Twin Saloons telling the alleged victim, "Now you're going to make a million dollars," according to Kalina.

Valcourt said he'll take as much time as he needs to render a decision, although it is expected to be delivered within in a week or two. An attorney for Giguere could not be reached at press time.

Busta, whose "I Know What You Want" collaboration with Mariah Carey is #6 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart (see "Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey Steal Page From R. Kelly's 'Down Low' For New Video"), will tour this summer with Jay-Z and 50 Cent (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").