Sharon Osbourne Declared Cancer-Free; Bat-Biting Biopic Discussed

Family matriarch's talk show slated to hit TV in the fall.

Now that she’s been declared cancer-free, Sharon Osbourne is concentrating on her next battle: the TV ratings war.

"She’s cancer-free and she’s finished with her treatments," said an Osbournes spokesperson, who added that the family matriarch is feeling very well these days. After battling colon cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, Sharon appears to have licked the disease. Now, Ozzy’s manager and right-hand woman is working on the launch of her syndicated one-hour national chatter, "The Sharon Osbourne Show," which is slated to hit the small screen this fall.

And, as if bobbleheads and rubber duckies weren’t enough, the Prince and Princess of F---ing Darkness are also working on another project that'll keep them in the public eye.

In a bid to unseat Howard Stern as the "King of All Media," the pair are in negotiations to bring Ozzy’s life story to the movies. Though not a new idea, it seems to have a lot more momentum now that Ozzy's a household name.

The film is expected to tell the tale of the singer's rise from humble beginnings to stardom in Black Sabbath, his solo success, his struggles with drugs and alcohol, and his reinvention as a cuddly, cussin’ patriarch of "The Osbournes."

The rights to Ozzy’s story are being negotiated by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films (which, like MTV, are both owned by Viacom). Spokespeople for the Osbournes and MTV Films said talks are in the early stages, with no writer, director or actors approached yet.