Saliva Show Their Stinky Selves And Say, 'Kiss And Aerosmith, Dude!'

Band shoots cinema-verite-style video for Nikki Sixx-penned 'Rest in Pieces.'

Despite its name, the Jägermeister Music Tour isn't one continuous drunken affair. More time is spent cooped up in a bus with your sometimes smelly bandmates than it is onstage.

Josey Scott, frontman for tour headliners Saliva, would trade a week of such hardship for just an hour of what he considers onstage ecstasy.

"It's all about the passion of the show," he said. "It's all about leading up to that hour and a half that we have every night to show people exactly what we're capable of, to show that Saliva's secret weapon is our live show. We love to entertain people. We love to present our music to our fans, and we love winning over new fans, as well. ... It's kinda like sex. It's like a climax. Everything builds up to that hour that we have onstage."

Seeing the ecstasy party is easy — just check out one of the remaining tour dates that run through April 20 in Detroit. The agony, on the other hand, is chronicled in the band's video for "Rest in Pieces," the second single from the group's latest album, Back Into Your System. The clip was shot in a cinema-verite style by director Diane Martel (Christina Aguilera, Snoop Dogg), who tagged along with the group for a couple of days earlier this month.

"[Diane] wanted to do like a Rolling Stones' 'C---sucker Blues'-type thing," Scott said, referring to the Stones' classic tour documentary. "Like a behind-the-scenes, sort of a day in the life of what it's like to be us. She catches the realness of it. She catches the dirty, stinky vibe of being on the road and not necessarily being able to do your laundry every day, you know, just the real sh--, man. It's not glossy or fake at all. It's the real deal."

The video, which follows their first-single clip "Always," is expected to surface in April.

Unlike most songs off Back Into Your System, "Rest in Pieces" didn't stem from Scott's pen. The album's uncharacteristically somber offering was written by the singer's childhood idol, Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx (see "Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Writes For Backstreet, Meat Loaf"). The bassist, in his 1957 Chevy, also makes a cameo in the video.

"Me and Nikki became friends about a year and a half ago through a mutual friend," Scott explained. "[One day] he told me that he had this song that was meant for me to sing. I almost dropped the phone. I was like, 'Holy sh--, Nikki Sixx is gonna send me a song!'

"When I got it and popped it in my CD player, I was totally blown away by it," he continued. "And I played it for the rest of the guys in the band, and we were all just absolutely captivated by the song."

Scott's brushes with the pillars of the rock canon don't end there. As he spoke of his post-Jägermeister plans, he could hardly curb his excitement — nor his flagrant use of the word "dude."

"We have about 17 more dates [of Jägermeister], and then guess who we're going on tour with, dude?" he asked rhetorically. "Kiss and Aerosmith, dude!"

Dates for the superstar double-team have yet to be confirmed, but Scott expects it to start in July and run through October (see "Aerosmith, Kiss Hitting The Road Together").

"We just got the news like two days ago, dude. We're f---ing ecstatic. We called our families and called all our friends. We're like, 'Holy sh--, dude, we're going on tour with Aerosmith and Kiss, dude!' We're down, dude. We're totally down with that."