Courtney Love Arrested For Disorderly Conduct Aboard London Flight

Love refused to take her seat, was verbally abusive to members of cabin crew.

Sitting down and buckling up isn't too much to ask from most people. Courtney Love, however, isn't one of them.

Love was arrested Tuesday morning (February 4) at London's Heathrow Airport for being abusive, unruly and insubordinate during a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles, according to an airport police spokesperson.

The singer/actress, 38, wouldn't take her seat and was being verbally abusive to the cabin crew, so the captain of flight VS08 notified airport police of a disorderly passenger. Officers were waiting at the gate when the jet landed at 11:05 a.m., and arrested Love for disruptive behavior and endangering an aircraft.

"There was a brief verbal disagreement during the flight, but the situation has been highly exaggerated," read a statement issued by Love's publicist.

The wire service Reuters reported that television footage showed an unsteady Love waving to photographers while being escorted across the tarmac by police, one of whom attempted to shield her face with a scarf. A fellow passenger described Love as looking "out of it."

After she was detained by authorites for several hours, Love was not charged with the offenses and released with a caution for committing an offense under the Public Order Act that prohibits causing alarm and distress to another person.

This isn't the first time Love was involved in a 30,000-feet fracas. In 1995, she was arrested for actions aboard a flight to Melbourne, Australia, which she explained were the fault of "a really mean stewardess."

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