Baby, Clipse Shoot 'What Happened' Video — Twice

#1 Stunna has also collaborated with R. Kelly, reunited with Cash Money Millionaires.

When Baby shot his latest video in New Orleans a few weeks ago, he scratched his head and asked, "What happened?" — only this time he wasn't singing the chorus to his most recent hit single.

"The whole video had to be re-shot," the rapper said of his Benny Boom-directed clip for "What Happened to That Boy," which features the Clipse. "It's good, though. Benny was a good cat about the situation. It was a mistake on [the cinematographer's] part. The guy put the [film] in backwards and everything we shot was blank. We had to come back and do it again. I was pissed, but I got a lot of respect for Benny, so it wasn't nothing."

Graciously, the Clipse flew back to New Orleans a couple of days after the original shoot to rejoin the Cash Money Millionaires and shoot the clip again. In total, the video took approximately one week to produce.

"They always say what you did the first time, you can do better the second time," Baby surmised. "I feel like [the second time] my energy was stronger, I knew what I wanted to do and I knew how to do it better. But I really liked the first [shoot]. They also say your first thought is your best thought. [The video] still came out nice, though.

"I wanted to bring the audience to where we come from," the #1 Stunna said, explaining why he chose to film yet another clip in his hometown. "It's real simple — a lot of performances from us, with a lot of birds, doves and white pigeons. Birds were my concept from jump-street. Until I decided to do the ['Do That'] video with Puffy, I said my first video was gonna be with a lot of birds. Benny was on the same page as me, so it was cool."

Now that the Birdman has given some of his fine-feathered friends a chance to shine, he said he's ready to give some of his previously estranged artists some light as well. He said three departed Hot Boys — B.G., Juvenile and Turk — are back with Lil' Wayne and are preparing to put out their next album in March on his Cash Money label.

"They're just them doing them. It's them at their best," Baby said. "[Mannie] Fresh has them in the studio, so everything's good. It's all four of them."

A video will be shot in the next two weeks for their first single, "My Section."

"It's like [saying] 'my block,' but we call it 'my section,' " Baby explained. "It's like my 'hood, my territory. This is one of their best albums. They're hungry, they're focused."

Even though Cash Money seems to be running at full strength again, the crew's co-CEO isn't resting. Baby and Fresh are planning to follow up last year's Grammy-nominated Big Tymers effort, Hood Rich, with another LP this summer called Big Money, Heavy Weight.

"[Receiving] any gratitude — that's like a congratulations to the game," Baby said of his Recording Academy nod before joking that he might wear the Grammy statue on his chain if he wins. He also mentioned he plans to throw himself a star-studded birthday party the night of the ceremony.

Outside of the Cash Money projects, Baby just finished a still-untitled track with Bubba Sparxxx and Timbaland for Bubba's upcoming album. He said the song was like an ode to the South. "He's cool," Baby said of Bubba. "He's down to earth and he's from the bottom, which is a different breed. We're both from the South, so we can feel each other."

Baby is also featured on Ginuwine's new R. Kelly-produced single, "Hell Yeah."

"Honestly, me and Kelly did the song. It was an R. Kelly song and Kelly gave the song to Ginuwine," the Birdman revealed. "[Ginuwine] went in and did his parts after that."

Baby said he's already inspected the footage for his next video, "Baby, You Can Do It," with Toni Braxton. That clip was filmed last fall and is scheduled to hit the airwaves after the singer delivers her baby in May.