Steve-O Hoping Val Kilmer Will Chloroform Him, Do Mean Things

'Jackass' co-star to cameo in upcoming thriller 'Blind Horizon.'

"Jackass" co-star Steve-O has his next movie lined up, and this time, the stuntman is putting aside his usual taste for cinema verité for an actual acting role — albeit one with a prankster flair.

"Val Kilmer's going to beat me up really brutally," said the entertainer, born Stephen Glover. "I wrote my line for the movie. I say, 'Dude, don't make me make you kick my ass.' And then he kicks my ass. It's really funny."

Glover's cameo in the upcoming film "Blind Horizon" has yet to be filmed, he said. Though he was scheduled to shoot his part when principal photography for the thriller started earlier this month in New Mexico, he said that the original date proposed didn't work out with his current tour schedule to promote his second home video, "The Steve-O Video Volume II: The Tour."

"Their production schedule runs long enough that they'll be able to work me in," he said. "He can kick my ass anywhere in their script. Whatever one day they can find to shoot me to New Mexico, it'll work fine."

In addition to Kilmer, Neve Campbell, Sam Shepard, Amy Smart and Gil Bellows co-star. Kilmer plays Frank, an amnesia victim who has lost his memory after being shot in a small desert town, where he then tries to piece together clues in an attempt to rediscover his identity. In the process, he uncovers some clues that link him to an assassination plot against the president. Though the film's plot sounds serious, Glover said his cameo, while violent, will add some much needed comic relief, and he looks forward to filming it.

"I want to bring chloroform back," Glover said. "I figure, if [Kilmer's character] chloroforms me, then that opens the door to all kinds of mean things he can do to me."

Meanwhile, Glover still awaits arraignment in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, where he faces obscenity and battery charges and an eight-year prison sentence. His next court date is February 10.