Benz-Owning Preteen Lil' Romeo Brags A Bit On New LP

Recently released Game Time includes song called 'Richie Rich.'

If you're going to make albums, do movies, shoot TV pilots and go on tour, you might as well have fun doing it. It's a philosophy that seems to be working for Lil' Romeo, who just dropped his second LP, Game Time.

"I'm real excited about it," the preteen rapper said recently between promotional TV engagement. And Romeo's current single, "True Love" featuring Solange Knowles, seems to be getting the youngsters excited lately.

"It was a lot of fun," Romeo said of recording with Beyoncé's younger sibling. "She's from the same hometown as me, H-Town — Houston, Texas. All the fans, I wanna thank them for making the video [a success]. My dad always thought it was gonna be big, I thought it was gonna be big. I always think big. That's what we go for."

"True Love" was one of the songs added to the album after New No Limit pushed the LP's summer release date back to the end of the year.

"I wanted to do a few more songs," Romeo said, obviously influenced by his dad's guidance. "I thought that it was better to make it as a Christmas album. This is my second album, I thought it would be a good stocking stuffer. We used that time and made it into a bigger record. [We added] the single with Solange and 'Feel Like Dancing.' It's a party song, a real fun song for the girls to dance to. And one called 'Clap Your Hands,' everybody likes that. That's just some of them."

Romeo has already shot a video for his next single, "Play Like Us." "It's a real song you can dance off of, and its featuring one of our new artists Tyron and my cousin Little D. It's a real hype song. [The video] is like a day in the life of Romeo. This song is for the girls and boys. I'm trying to have fun everywhere I go, but it's a lot of performances. We have the Harlem Shakers. It's a lot of dancing. You gonna see me dancing."

We'll also see him doing a few steps in his movie debut, next year's "Honey," which stars Jessica Alba (see "Lil' Romeo, Jessica Alba To Star In Inner-City Musical").

"It was a lot of fun; she's like a big sister to me," he said of Alba. "She told me what to do, but in a fun way. We always had little mini play fights. She was messing with me. It was real cool. My character's name is Jimmy. He's from the 'hood, he's trying to make it out.

"We had to do two months of dance rehearsal and three months of shooting," he continued. "My videos are only three days. It's a big difference. It takes patience. At first I was frustrated because I wasn't used to dancing. I wasn't really trying to do it, but then after finding out people really like it, it made me like it better. It was a lot of fun."

As for Romeo's next movie adventure, it's still a toss up between the sci-fi flick "Shorty" and "Lil' Romeo and Lil' Juliet." Romeo and his pops will hold contest to find a co-star for the latter love story in January or February (see "Master P Bringing 'Lil' Romeo And Lil' Juliet' To Big Screen"). A New No Limit tour is also in the works at the top of the year.

As for this year, Master P is probably still scratching his head as to what to get his kid for Christmas, since he already has everything, including both adult- and kid-sized vehicles.

"Mine is like a future investment," he said about his Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover. "I still live with my parents, so it's just a future investment."

But when it comes to small-scale vehicles, he gets to use actually use those.

"I have a mini-Hummer and mini-Benz," Romeo said with a smile. "I drive those more. ... We got a big ol' neighborhood, so I drive them around the neighborhood. They run on gas, it's just like a regular car but smaller."

No wonder Romeo is a little braggadocio on Game Time, which features a song called "Richie Rich." "It's like a 'I Got It Made' song. I'm telling you what I got," he said, comparing it to the Special Ed flossing classic.

Romeo still finds time to speak about what's important, though, with songs like "Wanna Grow Up."

"It's like an 'Annie' remake a little bit. She's saying, 'I don't wanna grow up.' I'm telling her she's gotta grow up. 'You gotta go to school, and you have to get your education to be the person you wanna be."