Vines Going Country With Pastoral Video Plans

Group's third single likely either "Mary Jane" or "Homesick."

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — After releasing the ferocious "Get Free" and "Outtathaway!," the Vines are planning to slow it down for the third single from Highly Evolved.

Backstage at KROQ-FM's Almost Acoustic Christmas (see "Audioslave Deliver Like Santa Claus, Creed Booed At Radio Show"), singer Craig Nicholls said he wanted to showcase the "country rock" side of his band's debut album.

Nicholls is partial to "Mary Jane," but said the Vines are leaning toward "Homesick," especially since he and David LaChapelle, who directed the "Outtathaway!" video (see "Vines Pelted With Food, Frontman Says Acoustic Guitars Are Hell-Spawned"), have already come up with an idea for the video.

"I want to do something like maybe outdoors or something," Nicholls said. "We want to just shoot some trees and some grass and us sitting down, you know, playing with the bugs."

The Vines have a few more radio station festivals left in the States and then will return to their Australian homeland for a January tour. Nicholls also hopes to begin recording the Vines' second album in the new year.

"I've been writing some songs, and most of it is ready," he said. "I want it to be really futuristic ... more vocal effects, more guitar effects and just [showcase] the art of production."

The Vines haven't decided on a producer yet but have their eyes on Highly Evolved producers Rob Schnapf and Justin Stanley, along with Radiohead producers John Leckie and Nigel Godrich.

"I think we may try using a lot of different producers, like 12 different producers, one for each track," Nicholls said. "I think hip-hop has really great production. We want to try and incorporate that into some of the band music we do."

The singer said he wants to release the new album in July, on the one-year anniversary of Highly Evolved, and then continue releasing albums the same time every year.

"Hopefully we can improve a lot from the last one. I feel that we've learned a lot and had a lot of experiences not just in the studio, but just playing as a band onstage, so we really want to push it. We got a little more time and space, so I'm really interested to see what we've come up with."