Eminem Aims For Dre-Like Perfection On 50 Cent, Obie Trice, D12 LPs

Slim Shady plans to spend a lot of time in the studio, plugging away on his protégés' albums.

Despite the success of "8 Mile," Eminem won't be going down that road again anytime soon.

Rather than pursue an acting career, Marshall Mathers is more interested in developing his Shady Records roster and producing hits.

"I'm staying in the studio," Eminem said on Wednesday. "I'm gonna keep plugging away at that."

Shady's next project is the LP from Queens, New York, rapper 50 Cent, whose album is due in February (see "50 Cent Works With Dre, Em, Trina, Possibly DMX On Debut"). Obie Trice's long-awaited debut will follow soon after.

"Obie is in the studio. His album is half-done," Eminem said on the set of 50 Cent's new video, "In Da Club." "We are hoping for spring [for Trice's release] and D12 in the fall. And we've already got songs for that album. We sneak [recording D12] songs in between 50's album. And Obie's album ... expect the same quality as 50's album, from my album, from Dre's album. It's the same type of producers, it's the same type of perfectionists in the studio with every artist.

"We won't put it out unless it's perfect," he continued, pointing toward his mentor, Dr. Dre, who appears in 50's clip along with Eminem. "I learned that from this man right here."

Eminem has produced two tracks for 50 Cent's album and co-produced several more, although it's his role as executive producer that he is most enthused about.

"I'm there doing the mix downs and me and Dre are just overseeing the whole project, making sure that every song is hot," he explained. "I wish my first album was this hot. That's all I can say. I'm not selling the album. The album is going to sell itself."

Slim Shady may be busy with his protégés, but that doesn't mean he's finished infecting the world with The Eminem Show. While in Los Angeles for the 50 Cent video, Eminem is shooting a clip of his own for his next single, "Superman."

"We're still going through the concept a little bit, but basically it's the whole what a chick wants me to be to her and what I can be," Eminem explained. "It's her vision of me and me being a perfect gentleman and this and that. And what I can be to her, because I know what she is and I know why she's with me."

Eminem said the success of The Eminem Show, "8 Mile" and his #1 single "Lose Yourself" has not changed the way he works on any of his projects.

"It makes you more scared than anything," he said. "It puts your expectations up to a certain level and you got to keep ... making that, so I try not to concentrate on it and just do what I am doing. Whatever."

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