Moby Says Area Festival Probably Won't Return In 2003

Meanwhile, electronic artist releasing video for third 18 single, 'In This World.'

Those looking forward to the return of one of the summer's most eclectic festival tours, Moby's Area shows, can put their anticipation on ice. It's probably not going to happen.

"As much as I want to do it, I don't think we're going to be doing it this year," Moby said backstage at the Billboard Music Awards on Monday, where he walked off with two awards (see "Ashanti, Nelly Big Winners At Billboard Awards"). "Area: One and Area 2 were successful and they were fun, but I think they ended up being a lot more work than everyone involved had anticipated."

It's not his own well-being that Moby's concerned with. Rather, it's the toll it takes on others involved with the tour that prompted Moby to consider throwing in the towel.

"For me, it's easy. I do a few interviews and I play concerts, and it's not the most difficult job in the world. But everybody who's involved with the logistics of planning the tour, it's a lot of hard work. So I think that we've decided to maybe take the year off."

That doesn't mean the electronic guru won't be hitting the road next year. He said he'll begin work on his eighth album, the follow-up to 18, which he hopes to support with a little summertime road work.

Assembled with diversity in mind, Area 2 featured David Bowie, Busta Rhymes and Moby as headliners (see "Area 2 Hits Jersey: Busta's Got Manilow, Bowie's Got Style, Moby's Got Hecklers"). Area: One, held the year before, included Outkast, Nelly Furtado, the Roots and Incubus (see "Area:One Fest: Outkast, Moby Do Post-Lollapalooza Rave In Maryland").

Meanwhile, Moby continues to unleash singles from 18. A video for the third and latest, "In This World," expected to surface on MTV2 next week, finds a troupe of tiny, computer-generated aliens exploring Moby's hometown of New York and carrying signs that read, "Hi," "Hello" and "Hola." Like most big-city newcomers, they're just looking for a little attention. And in this city of millions, only Moby is kind enough to give the miniature creatures the time of day.

Although a fourth single has yet to be announced, its video will follow in the same conceptual footsteps, Moby's publicist said.

"In This World" follows the previous singles "Extreme Ways" and "We Are All Made of Stars" (see "Moby Cavorts With Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges In New Video").