D'Angelo Resists Arrest On Charges Of Assault, Aggressive Driving

R&B singer fails to submit to arrest; is subdued with pepper spray.

D'Angelo allegedly resisted arrest Monday (November 18) when police went to

his suburban Richmond, Virginia home to serve a warrant for misdemeanor

charges of aggressive driving and other counts. The R&B singer, whose real

name is Michael Archer, got into an altercation with police officers

attempting to take him into custody and was subsequently subdued with pepper

spray, according to Chesterfield police.

The initial charges stemmed from an alleged confrontation with a woman

D'Angelo apparently did not know, following a driving incident. The woman,

whose name was not released by authorities, alleges that on Sunday (November

17), the singer cut her off in a lane leading to a shopping mall, switching

lanes recklessly several times. She claims that she then followed him to a

Texaco gas station, and asked him what he was doing, at which point he

allegedly spit on her and shouted several expletives at her such as "f---ing


The spitting constituted a charge of assault, since, according to Captain

James Nowlin, "by code it's an unwanted touch," while the cursing lead to a

charge of curse and abuse. "There was no indication that she recognized him

for who he is," Nowlin added.

Since D'Angelo allegedly failed to submit to the arrest on warrants for

charges of aggressive driving, assault, and curse and abuse, he received

additional charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, all

misdemeanors. He was released on his recognizance pending an appearance in

Chesterfield General District Court on January 15. If convicted, D'Angelo

faces a penalty for each charge of up to 12 months in jail and a fine of

$2,500, save for the curse and abuse charge, which carries a fine of $500.

D'Angelo was previously charged with reckless driving and driving with a

suspended Virginia's driver's license, after being pulled over in New York in

April. Chesterfield authorities said they could not release information

pertaining to the current status of the singer's license, but noted that

driving with a suspended license is grounds for arrest. "There could be some

subsequent charges, if that be the case," Nowlin said.