Mudvayne Infected By Insects During 'Not Falling' Shoot

Band reveals sci-fi source of new look in video.

In their video for "Not Falling," the costume-crazed members of Mudvayne reveal exactly how they were transformed from horror-film caricatures into sci-fi mutants.

The clip, directed by Joel Peissig, depicts the math metal giants — vocalist Chud (formerly Kud), guitarist Guug (Gurrg), drummer Spug (Spag) and bassist Ru-D (Ryknow) — being taken over and transmogrified by a hovering futuristic cube that injects computerized data into the members' bodies and turns them into hideous, veiny creatures with white bug eyes that look like eggs. (Click for photos from the video shoot.)

The video, shot last week in Los Angeles, is the first from the band's new album, The End of All Things to Come. It takes place in an underground chamber and features the band performing in a sea of fog and blue light. During the video, the sinister cube transforms the members one by one. One camera angle comes from the point of view of the cube's needle, and reveals the infected serum of mechanical insects rushing out of the container and into the members' bloodstreams to wreak havoc with their DNA.

Nearly three-quarters of the way through the rumbling, piledriving cut, the bandmembers rip through slimy cocoons and emerge in their new form. 

"Not Falling" will also be featured in the film "Ghost Ship," which hits theaters October 25. The track, which hit radio late last month, seesaws between heavy and heavier, starting with screamed vocals, double-bass drumroll, and abrupt start-stop guitars reminiscent of Slipknot and morphs into a more atmospheric passage that brings to mind Tool before lashing out with a punchy, melodic chorus.

Taproot and Depswa will support Mudvayne on their upcoming tour, which starts October 25 in Clifton Park, New York. The End of All Things to Come hits shelves November 19 (see "Mudvayne Reach The End With New Album").