RealVideo Reports: MTV News 09.11 Coverage

From the roof deck of his New York apartment, Moby could once see the Twin Towers dominating the Lower Manhattan skyline. Today he says it is their absence that is dominating. His album 18 is very much influenced by September 11 and its aftermath. Click for RealVideo report.

The start of classes at the University of North Carolina was marked by a controversy over assigned summer reading. Three incoming freshmen and a conservative Christian group sued, upset over being required to read sections of the Qur'an. Click for RealVideo report.

Nowhere are security escalations more apparent than our nation's airports. Few people would argue against the increased measures, but in order to comply, high school student Enaas Sarsour was forced to do something that ran against everything she believed. Click for RealVideo report.

People reacted to the events of September 11 in different ways. Artist David Greg Harth stamped dollar bills with positive messages. Today more than 200,000 notes proclaiming "I Am Not Terrorized" and "I Am Not Afraid" are in circulation. Click for RealVideo report.

Arizona Cardinals starting safety Pat Tillman was living a life many young men dream about. But after September 11 he traded it all for a three-year tour of duty in the U.S. Army. Click for RealVideo report.

When MTV News' Gideon Yago visited the World Trade Center site last year, it was a place of destruction and sadness. Now he revisits the site and finds it a transformed into a place of hope and rebuilding. Click for RealVideo report.

To deal with the tragedy of September 11, some people chose music or art, some chose volunteering and some chose stand-up comedy. Palestinian/Muslim/virgin/comedienne Maysoon Zayid destroys stereotypes with the power of laughter. Click for RealVideo report.

A year ago Danielle Marshall was on her way to getting a master's degree and then a doctorate. After September 11 she decided to drop it all and do something she felt would really make a difference. Click for RealVideo report.

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