Master P, Lil’ Romeo To Tour After Finishing Movie Roles

P filming 'Two Cops' with Harrison Ford; Romeo prepping for 'Honey.'

Father and son Master P and Lil’ Romeo are planning the real family
values tour, but they won’t be hitting the road together until both are
finished with their acting gigs.

P, who has appeared in more than a dozen movies, is currently filming what
is likely his biggest role yet, alongside Harrison Ford in “Two Cops.”

“Working with those guys is definitely a blessing,” P said of Ford and
Nicholas Cage, who he acted with in “Gone in 60 Seconds.” “It’s putting me
up on my game, taking my acting skills to the next level.”

The No Limit kingpin’s latest movie, “Undisputed” with Wesley Snipes and
Ving Rhames, hits theaters August 23.

“I play a bad guy,” P said. “It’s a lot of fun. I’m one of the guys in the
jail that get it cranked up for the big fight and come out all wild.”

Romeo, on the other hand, is preparing for more wholesome roles. He’ll begin
shooting a dance movie called “Honey” in September and will follow it up in
October with “Shorty” (see “Jessica Alba
Flashdances, Sneaks A Taste Of ’Honey'”
). He called the latter, which
his father is producing, “a modern day ’E.T.'” (see “Shorty Phone Home: Master P Developing Sci-Fi Flick For

Meanwhile, together the two filmed the pilot for their Nickelodeon sitcom
“Pieces to the Puzzle” last month (see “Master P, Lil’ Romeo To Star In Sitcom Together” ). It’s
expected to air in January, according to their spokesperson.

“It’s about having fun and being with your family,” P said of the show. “For
all the teenagers out there right now, there ain’t nothing more important
than your family.”