Knoc-Turn'Al Invites Paul McCartney To Go Crowd-Surfing

Rapper samples Wings tune in upcoming single "Muzik."

HOLLYWOOD — Knoc-Turn'Al can boast something not many, if any,

rappers can. He sampled a Beatle.

And yes, he is boasting.

"Paul told us, 'The only reason why I cleared it was because I liked it. Had

I not liked it, I wouldn't have cleared it,' " Knoc said proudly at last

week's BET Awards. (Click for photos from the show) "So thank you, Paul. Big shout out to Paul McCartney for

doing that."

As if borrowing the music from "Old Siam, Sir," which McCartney's Wings

released on 1979's Back to the Egg, wasn't enough, Knoc is hoping to

get even a little more help from his new friend.

"Come get in the video, too," Knoc said, staring into the camera as if

McCartney was watching. "That's gonna be dope. We can go to Paris, man

— that's where they want to shoot it at. This song is gonna be a good


Regardless of whether the recently married McCartney appears in the clip for

"Muzik," it will have what Knoc-Turn'Al called a "rockish" theme.

"We gonna have a scene where I'm walking down a long hall and we have

different dressing rooms," he explained. "I'm trying to get the guitar

player from Metallica to come through, and some other people. And it's like

I'm going through dressing rooms and by the time I get to the third verse,

I'm gonna walk out onstage and hopefully Paul will be there. And we'll get

on a platform, and a guitar player will be there, and we'll just start

crowd-surfing, have the crowd passing us around, and we'll just do it like


The song, which was produced by Kayne West (Cam'ron, Beanie Sigel), is about

a musician's dedication to his or her craft.

"You really give up your all to be an entertainer, and that's something that

the fans and the public need to know," Knoc said. "So I just explain that to

them in that song. I think [McCartney] appreciated that, because he

understands that he probably sacrificed a lot being that he's been here for

35 years, almost 40 years. He's probably sacrificed a lot in almost four


"Muzik" follows "The Knoc" as the second single from his EP, LA

Confidential Presents Knoc-Turn'Al, due July 30 (see "Knoc-Turn'Al Album Won't See Light Of Day Yet").

The West Coast rapper is still working on his debut LP, Knoc's

Landin', which has been pushed from the spring to later this year or

early next. Dr. Dre is producing several of the tracks, though last week

Knoc spent some studio time with Swizz Beatz (see "Dre, Timbaland, Warren G Help Wake People Up To


One peer that won't be on the album is Nocturnal, a New York rapper that has been using the same name (albeit with the correct spelling) since 1996, when he appeared on "Never Watered Down" from the PMD album Business Is Business.

When Nocturnal and his manager heard about the other Knoc-Turn'Al, they

tracked down his record label and suggested a collaboration. When Knoc's

people "blew them off," according to Nocturnal's manager, Nocturnal recorded

a dis track called "The Violator."

The song is slated for Nocturnal's Nocranasaurus Rex, which does not

have a release date but is already circulating on the Internet.

"The Violator" includes lyrics like "I was on wax before your ass met Dr.

Dre" and "I'm lookin' for a bitch n---a who spells Nocturnal with a K."

Knoc-Turn'Al had no comment on the track.