Lil' Romeo, Jessica Alba To Star In Inner-City Musical

In 'Honey,' Alba will convince Romeo to develop his dancing skills instead

Preteen rapper Lil' Romeo is reportedly getting ready to hit the dance floor

with TV's "Dark Angel," Jessica Alba, in an upcoming feature film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Romeo is set to star opposite

Alba in "Honey," a musical drama about a sexy, tough inner-city woman named

Honey (Alba) who has dreams of opening a neighborhood dance studio.

So where does Lil' Romeo fit into the mix? The young MC will play Benny, a

street kid who happens to be a gifted dancer. Romeo's character comes from a

broken home and faces the temptation of selling drugs, but Honey takes Benny

under her wing and persuades him to focus his energy on dancing.

The project finds music video director Bille Woodruff making his feature

directorial debut. Marc Platt ("Legally Blonde") and Uptown Records CEO

Andre Harrell are producing the film. Production in Toronto is set to begin

in September. No release date has been set.