Green Day Call Shenanigans With Rarities List

Fourteen tracks comprise new album of oldies, due July 2.

Green Day salute two of their greatest influences, the Ramones and the Kinks, on their new rarities album, due July 2.

Among the 14 tracks on Shenanigans are covers of the Ramones' "Outsider," which first appeared as the B-side to "Warning" and later on "The New Guy" soundtrack, and the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting for You," a B-side from an earlier single.

The album also includes the new "Ha Ha You're Dead" — which will also be released on Every Dog Will Have Its Day, a compilation from Green Day's Adeline Records, due Tuesday — and "Espionage," from the "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" soundtrack.

Shenanigans follows on the heels of International Superhits, a greatest hits collection released last fall.

Green Day are on tour with Blink-182 on the Pop Disaster Tour, which hits Noblesville, Indiana, on Friday before wrapping up in Minneapolis on July 17 (see "Blink-182 Whip Out The 'Tommy Lee' In Attempt To Beat Green Day At Tour Launch").

Meanwhile, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt's other band, the Frustrators (see "Frustrators Clarify 'Midget Toss' After NBA Flap"), just released their latest album, Achtung Jackass, on Adeline.

Shenanigans track list, according to Green Day's spokesperson:

  • "Suffocate"

  • "Desensitized"

  • "You Lied"

  • "Outsider"

  • "Don't Wanna Fall in Love"

  • "Espionage"

  • "I Want to Be on TV"

  • "Scumbag"

  • "Tired of Waiting for You"

  • "Sick of Me"

  • "Rotting"

  • "Do Da Da"

  • "On the Wagon Again"

  • "Ha Ha You're Dead"