Woody Allen, 'Sopranos' Stars Not Afraid Of Spiders

'Deuces Wild,' 'Hollywood Ending' take on 'Spider-Man' this weekend.

"Spider-Man"? Fuhgedaboutit! A handful of "Sopranos" stars are going up against the wall-crawler this weekend in "Deuces Wild," a gangland flick set in the 1950s.

"Deuces Wild" won't be alone in the shadows of "Spider-Man," though — Woody Allen's latest comedy, "Hollywood Ending," also opens this weekend against Tobey Maguire's hotly anticipated superhero tale (see "Movie House: Can Spider-Man Do Whatever a Jedi Can?").

"Deuces Wild" stars "Blade" villain Stephen Dorff as one of two brothers involved in a Brooklyn block struggle against a drug-peddling gang called the Vipers. The film reunites Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore with Louis Lombardi, who played the FBI agent Pussy turned snitch to during "The Sopranos"' second season. Drea de Matteo, who portrays Adriana La Cerva on the hit mafia (or is that mafia hit?) show, is also in the film, along with Jackie Tohn, who appeared on one episode as Heather Dante. In addition to Dorff and "Sopranos" players, "Deuces Wild"'s ensemble cast includes MTV "Jackass" maniac Johnny Knoxville, Brad Renfro and a plethora of others.

Meanwhile, Allen — known for making an ensemble flick or two himself — has pulled his usual triple-duty as writer, director and star with "Hollywood Ending." The comedic farce, which also stars Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Téa Leoni, tells the tale of a washed-up director who goes blind just before beginning work on a last-chance, career-saving picture for a major studio. He works on the film anyway, going to great pains to disguise his blindness from cast and crew, and of course wacky hi-jinks ensue.

Will either movie spoil "Spider-Man"'s chances for a huge opening weekend? Of course not, but they will provide an alternative for anyone already burned out on arachnid mania.

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