Ja Rule Puts Enrique Iglesias At Top Of Hit List

Rapper/singer/actor/songwriter excited about track penned for 'Hero' crooner.

The hit-seeking phone calls to one of rap's busiest workhorses aren't showing any signs of letting up. While Ja Rule has recently been linked to the likes of City High's Claudette Ortiz for collaborations, he said the one he's most excited about is the tune he's penning for crooner Enrique Iglesias.

"It's once again showing my versatility," Ja says of the track. "If I give Enrique Iglesias a hit record, you're gonna look at me different. That's what, to me, music is about.

"I love making music — all kinds of music," he continued. "Now that I have the opportunity to do it, I'm gonna show the world some sh--. Just give me a minute to do it, just give me a chance to do it. I'm going to perfect my craft. You're gonna hear a lot of good music from Ja Rule in the next few years."

With genuine modesty, he said, "There's been a few people out there [calling on me] since the inception of [Mary J. Blige's] 'Rainy Dayz' and [Jennifer Lopez'] 'I'm Real,' I'm not on all the records — I'm just writing the records for them. I'm having fun just doing that. I don't gotta be on every record."

For now, Ja seems to have found his niche with the female-friendly party records that showcase him as a songwriter, rapper and vocalist.

"People like to call what I do 'singing,' " he said, laughing about his scruffy crooning on "Rainy Dayz." "If I could sing, I would really sing ... but I can't do it. What I have created is my own style of singing, something everybody else can feel comfortable with hearing me do and do themselves, because it's what everybody wants to do.

"I bring that to people who can't really sing," he continued. "I'm the dude they're looking at and saying, 'I can do what Ja Rule does. He ain't really singing.' When they hear Mary's part, they don't wanna sing that. They be like, 'She's really singing. I don't wanna embarrass myself trying to do what she's doing.' "

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