Ozzy Accepts Invite To White House Dinner

Riding the crazy train to the political arena? Not exactly.

If the Commander in Chief breaks bread with Ozzy Osbourne next month, relax; George W. Bush is not a closet metalhead, nor is it a sign of the coming apocalypse.

The unlikely meeting would happen at the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner, where the godfather of heavy metal and his wife, Sharon, will be the guests of TV news anchor Greta Van Susteren and Fox News Channel, according to a network spokesperson. Guests are invited by members of the association to sit at their respective tables, and the Osbournes accepted FNC's offer earlier this week.

Now in its 88th year, the White House Correspondents Association dinner is a goodwill gesture between the White House and the journalists who cover it. President George W. Bush is scheduled to attend this year's event, which will take place May 4 at the Washington Hilton in the nation's capital.

Is Osbourne suddenly turning his career from headbanging to politicking? The Ozzman, who's anything but reserved when it comes to his opinions on the virtual petting zoo in his home, has put his John Hancock on a PETA petition directed at South Korean Prime Minister Kim Dae-Jung, urging the government to prohibit the eating of cats and dogs.

The animal-rights organization is attempting to ensure that what are household pets in this country receive full protection from intentional cruelty and torture by "beating, hanging, electrocution, burning and boiling alive." Osbourne's signature appears alongside those of Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson, Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera, Joe Pesci and Steve Buscemi.

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