Mr. Cheeks Finds Inspiration In Cult Classic 'Let's Do It Again'

Rapper's video for 'Friday Night' will mimic 1975 Sidney Poitier comedy.

Mr. Cheeks will have his say in court on Monday. He's popping up on nationally syndicated courtroom show "Judge Hatchett." The Lost Boyz's longtime frontman isn't getting sued, and he isn't accused of a crime — he's making a plea to a wayward youth to straighten up his life.

"I was just kicking it with this shorty who was getting in trouble," Cheeks said Friday. "I told his ass he'd better think. He's young, he has mad opportunities right now. That's what it's about, finding a better way. Right now he's getting himself in mad trouble, not going to school, stealing out of his mom's purse. I told him, 'Yo, we went through our problems in life,' but he ain't heading in a good direction. It's easy to get in jail."

Cheeks said getting his chance to shine on the American Music Awards a few weeks ago was easy too.

"Puff Daddy called me up and wanted me to rock with him," he said nonchalantly. "You know I ain't gonna turn that down. I ain't never been onstage with Puff, Snoop, Ben Stiller. I was chillin'. I was like, 'That's ill.' "

Cheeks was on hand to perform part of his "Lights, Camera, Action!" remix, which features P. Diddy, Missy Elliott and Petey Pablo.

He said production on the clip for his next single, "Friday Night," which features singer Horace Brown, will be ramping up soon. The concept is inspired by the 1975 comedy "Let's Do It Again," which starred Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier and Jimmie Walker.

"[Comedian] Dave Chappelle is playing the Jimmie Walker character. I'm being Bill Cosby. My brother is gonna be Sidney Poitier. Horace Brown is probably gonna be Biggie Smalls."

Looking forward to the road, Cheeks said not only are he and his good friend Stephen Marley planning to make an album together, they want to put together a tour that features people like themselves: performers with dreadlocks.

"The tour, we're getting that all together now," he said. "We've never had a dread tour. It's [gonna be] mad artists with dreads that are very powerful in music — when I say dread, not just Rasta — my man Bilal, Busta, that's mandatory. We're gonna see who we want."