Nelly Announces Release Date For Next LP

Rapper to drop Nellyville June 25.

Though it's still a little while off, Nelly is almost ready to welcome us all to his neck of the woods. His label has announced that his second solo LP, Nellyville, will be released just in time to help kick off the summer, on June 25.

The St. Louis MC, who'll portray a rapper named Prolific in the movie "Snipes" later this year, will be bringing his sing-songy rhyme flow to wax way before then, however: He and the rest of the St. Lunatics will be featured on group member Ali's debut solo effort, Heavy Starch, on April 9 (see "St. Lunatics' Ali Preps Solo Album").

The first single from that album is called "Boughetto" (pronounced boo-jetto), which means being a combination of bourgeoisie and ghetto and satirizes people who walk the line between class and crass.

"She's boughetto, that means she's bourgeoisie and ghetto," they rhyme on the song. "Bougie 'cause her shoes cost a grand/ Ghetto 'cause she cuss too much and talks with her hand." The video was shot in Los Angeles on January 7 and 8 by Mark Klasfeld and features Ali as a teacher giving his students a crash course on the ins and out of boughettoness.

Ali's song and clip should hit the airwaves in the next few weeks. No word yet on Nellyville's initial offering, as Nelly is still recording (see "Nelly's Studio On Wheels Heading To Nellyville").