Crazy Town Ready To Record Second LP

'Butterfly' band hopes to release new single by spring.

HOLLYWOOD — Crazy Town are ready to hit the studio — they just need to know which producer will be sitting behind the board.

The Los Angeles rap-rockers have written the material for their next LP and are waiting to find out from their label if they will record with Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers) or Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Eve 6).

"Either way, we should be fine," Shellshock said backstage at Saturday's Breathe breast cancer benefit concert, where Crazy Town performed along with Third Eye Blind, Seal and others (see "Third Eye Blind, Lil' Kim, Nikka Costa, Sugar Ray Do Breathe For Breast Cancer").

As for the sound of the new material, "the heavy songs are a lot more heavy and the melodic songs are a lot more melodic," Shellshock said. "That's just growth. We learned a lot from touring the last couple years." He also said there would be more singing from the band this time around.

Crazy Town, whose debut album, The Gift of Game, sat on shelves for 14 months before "Butterfly" sent it flying (see " 'Butterfly' Gives Crazy Town Its Wings"), have said their new LP will have less pop appeal (see "Crazy Town Moving Away From 'Butterfly' Sound On Next LP").

The group has recorded some of the demos for the as-yet-untitled album at its own studio, and so far, those who have heard the tracks are digging them, Shellshock said. Crazy Town should be in the studio by next month with a first single out by spring, he added.

Aside from working on the new Crazy Town record, Shellshock contributed his raps to the track "Starry-Eyed Surprise," which also features Esthero, for DJ Paul Oakenfold's upcoming album. Nelly Furtado and Billy Corgan have also said they have worked with Oakenfold on the LP. The album has been pushed back from early next year to next summer, according to the DJ's spokesperson.