Drowning Pool's Bodies Get Soaked For 'Sinner'

Band submerges for 'Seven'-inspired clip directed by Gregory Dark.

During the making of their new video "Sinner" two weeks ago, Drowning Pool were nearly washed down the drain by the shoot's special effects team.

"They rained on us for four hours straight and it was cold, man," griped frontman Dave Williams. "We had to play in the mud. And we didn't sleep for, like, two days because we shot the thing from six at night until eight in the morning. We all got sick, but it was cool."

The clip, directed by Gregory Dark (Britney Spears, Mandy Moore) and shot in and around an abandoned Los Angeles motel called the Pink Lady, was inspired by the David Fincher film "Seven." It features the band playing in a swimming pool and confronting a nightmarish cast of characters.

"There are these scenes with a dominatrix and pit bulls and there are these fat guys exploding and a chick that's been laying in a tanning bed for too long and her skin turns to leather," said Williams. "When we were done shooting, the only things left standing were the prostitutes coming in and out of the motel."

The band chose Dark for the project not because they have a deep appreciation for his past work as an X-rated filmmaker, but because his dark, cynical treatment vibed with the message of the song.

"Every religion has a list," explained Williams. "Catholics can drink and that's OK, but the Baptists say if you drink you're going to Hell. Everybody's got that list of what is going to keep you from getting into Heaven, but everybody's broken at least one of those rules, no matter what religion you are ... basically, I'm just saying we're all sinners."

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