Blaque Love Their Group But ...

Trio ready release of their second album, Blaque Out, due December 11.

You have to wonder how Blaque's Shamari Fears, Brandi Williams and Natina Reed keep their group together — one keeps missing the planes when they travel, one is blind to life's ills and the other just flat-out hates her singing partners. Or at least that's what they say on "I Love My Group but ... " from their second LP, Blaque Out, due December 11.

The LP's first single, the club shaker "Can't Get It Back," is less playful, addressing beef with an ex-boyfriend (referred to as "Silly Rabbit") who wants to get back all the gifts he bought during the relationship, especially the jewelry.

"Gave you my love and I can't get it back/ Gave you all my time and I can't get it back/ Now the ring that you gave me, you can't have it back," they declare on the chorus.

In the song's video, which was shot on October 16 and 17 in Los Angeles by Liz Friedlander, the trio literally turn back the hands of time to resolve their heartache. According to their label, the clip shows each girl in their separate apartments, throwing tantrums where they rip pictures and discard mementos.

They decide their guys are not worth the acts of angst and decide to go out and party. And while they remain unaffected on their girls' night out, the world around them starts to run in reverse.

Men do have their say on the LP, as the Youngbloodz check in on "Know What's Up (Ghetto Boys)." Produced by Dallas Austin, the cut finds Blaque going through drama with roughneck love interests while the ATL rap duo rhyme from the perspective of the guys, bragging about the slum ways, uncouth baby mommas and children, gold teeth and 22-inch rims on their hoopties.

Blaque's run-ins with not-too-fly guys evidently have them a little leery. "Girl Like That" is about not rushing into anything too intimate — they just want to "hang out and chill" on dates.

"I'm not blaming it on MTV/ I'm just tripping on the things I see," they sing, taking a more serious tone on "Thinkin' About It." Reflecting on life, the group questions parents who blame their children's troubles on music, why strippers get paid more than teachers and the fascination with being a thug, among other topics.

Besides Austin, such notables as Full Force, the Trackmasters, Salaam "The Chameleon" Remi and Dru Hill's Nokio produce on the album.

Blaque's self-titled first LP was released in 1999. It featured the hit singles "808" and "Bring It All to Me." The trio appeared in last year's comedy "Bring It On," and Reed was heard from earlier this year, rhyming on her fiancé Kurupt's "It's Over."

Video outlets will debut the clip for "Can't Get It Back" on November 5.

Blaque Out track list, according to Columbia:

  • "Intro"

  • "Blaque Out"

  • "Can't Get It Back"

  • "Know What's Up (Ghetto Boys)" (featuring the Youngbloodz)

  • "Thinkin' About It"

  • "Should I"

  • "Temperature"

  • "I Love My Group but ..."

  • "Bliss"

  • "I Wanna Be the One"

  • "Questions"

  • "Girls Just Like That"

  • "This Ain't Us"

  • "Outro"

  • "She Got That" (808 Remix)

  • "As If"