Michael Jackson Rocks Fans' Worlds (A Little Early)

'You Rock My World' leaked by two New York radio stations.

A brief glimpse of Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album surfaced last weekend, as two New York radio stations leaked the first single Friday night, unleashing a herd of callers asking for more.

"You Rock My World" was first played on WJTM-FM at 6 p.m., with WKTU-FM airing it 45 minutes later. Both stations spun the single every two hours until around 6 p.m. Saturday, when Jackson's label, Epic Records, called the program director for both stations, Frankie Blue, and asked him to stop.

"[They] informed me of the dangers of playing a song too early," Blue said Wednesday (August 22). "[They] said, 'Please do me a favor and take it off the air.' "

Blue, a longtime friend of Jackson's, wouldn't say how he got the single.

Hitmaker Rodney Jerkins produced the uptempo pop tune, which features comedian Chris Tucker in its introduction and clocks in at just under five and a half minutes.

Jackson has successfully maintained the mystery around his upcoming album, Invincible; only a handful of Epic executives have heard the finished product (see "Michael Jackson Previews 15 Invincible Tracks"). It's due in stores October 30.

"You Rock My World" opens with Jackson and Tucker talking about a beautiful woman who appears unapproachable. "You can't get that girl, Michael, I guarantee you can't get that girl," Tucker says. Jackson answers, "Watch me get that girl."

Later, over a crisp Jerkins beat, Jackson croons, "You rocked my world, you know you did."

The stations haven't played "You Rock My World" since Saturday, and won't until the official add date, which has not been set, according to Epic.