Kittie Guitarist Scratched From Lineup

No reason given for Fallon Bowman's departure from Canadian rockers completing second album.

Kittie promise to rock as hard as ever on their second album, Oracle, despite losing one of their claws.

Guitarist Fallon Bowman is no longer a member of the ferocious Canadian rockers, according to a spokesperson for Artemis Records. The label's statement, which doesn't mention Bowman by name, suggests the split was less than amicable while insisting her role in the group was confined to hired hand who played as directed.

"I am happy to say publicly, as I have in the past, that Morgan and [drummer] Mercedes Lander have always been the visionaries, leaders and soul of Kittie," Artemis chairman and CEO Danny Goldberg said in a statement. "Morgan, as lead singer, principal writer and primary spokesperson, has also been the entity behind closed doors whose vision defines the artwork, the videos and all aspects of planning Kittie's career. While we wish good luck to former members, their comings and goings have no effect whatsoever on the creative growth of Kittie. In our experience in working with this band, as their label, they have always been completely driven by Morgan and Mercedes."

No specific reason for Bowman's departure was given.

GGGarth Richardson, who revisits his role as Kittie producer on Oracle, echoed Goldberg's sentiment with a statement of his own: "In every record that I have been involved with, there has been a leader and driving force. From their first album, Spit, to the album we are working on now, Morgan and Mercedes have been the driving force."

Oracle, the follow-up to 1999's Spit, is being tracked in London, Ontario (see "Kittie Sharpen Their Claws For Next Album"), with Morgan Lander recording all the guitar parts. The follow-up to 1999's Spit, scheduled for release October 30, features tracks tentatively titled "Mouthful of Poison," "Pain" and "Wolves," as well as a cover of the Pink Floyd classic "Run Like Hell," the spokesperson said.

Guitarist Jeff Phillips, the band's guitar tech, will augment the group for live performances, while Kittie will continue officially as a three-piece, with bassist Talena Atfield rounding out the lineup.

Bowman and Mercedes Lander attended school together in London, Ontario, and decided to start a band together during gym class in 1997, according to the band biography issued around the release of Spit.