Beanie Sigel Charged With Assault

Rapper allegedly attacked a motorist on a Philadelphia street.

Beanie Sigel was charged with assault Friday for allegedly attacking a man on the Philadelphia street from which he took his name.

The rapper (born Dwight Grant) was arrested for a July 5 incident on Sigel Street, where he allegedly used his Bentley to block a motorist from passing and then pulled the motorist from his truck, according to Reuters. Police said Sigel, 27, and several others then kicked and punched the motorist, 31-year-old Frank Ferrer, who was treated for a fractured rib, eye injury and concussion, the news service said.

Sigel was charged with aggravated and simple assault.
Philadelphia police and spokespeople for the rapper were unavailable for comment early Monday (July 16).
Sigel has already been working on follow-ups to The Reason, which he released last month (see “Beanie Sigel Recording Albums With Memphis Bleek, State Property” ).
(This story was updated at 12:25 p.m. ET Monday, July 16, 2001.)