Mike D, Mix Master Mike Cooking Up New Projects

Beastie Boy, DJ collaborating on music, radio show.

DETROIT — The proverbial three MCs and one DJ are temporarily one MC and one DJ.

Beastie Boy Mike D and DJ Mix Master Mike are "cooking up some stuff in the lab," the latter said backstage at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival on Saturday.

Mix Master Mike refused to give further details in an effort not to — in keeping with the cooking analogies — "stir anything up." He did say that aside from working on studio material, the two have put together a radio show called "Full Court Pressure" that they are pitching to stations across the country. (A spokesperson for the Beastie Boys had no comment on the projects.)

"It's 30 minutes of the music we like," Mix Master Mike said. "It's going to put aside all the wack stations that play the same stuff all the time and are drowning everyone's brains. We want to play stuff other people don't."

The DJ, who recorded with the Beastie Boys on 1998's Hello Nasty and took a lead role on the hip-hop trio's "Three MC's and One DJ," said he also plans to perform with them at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in London later this year.

The Boys haven't began work on their next album (Mike D now lives in Los Angeles, while bandmates Ad-Rock and MCA live in New York), but when they do, Mix Master Mike will be ready.

"I just look into the sky, and when the bat signal appears, I know it's ready to happen," he joked.

Meanwhile, the founding member of the San Francisco Bay Area turntablist crew Invisibl Skratch Piklz has several solo projects in the works.

He is currently compiling his first mix album, Spincycle, due in September on Moonshine Music.

"It's an hour mix of independent hip-hop, with a lot of scratching," he said. "I can't name any names yet, but it's stuff kids can pop into their car and bump to."

The DJ said he's also in the beginning stages of his next production album, the follow-up to last year's Eye uv the Cyclops EP and 1998's Anti-Theft Device. He described the music as similar to Eye, but more radical.

He's also recording original music for the second edition of EA Sports' popular snowboarding video game "SSX." He contributed one track to the original, which featured Rahzel, Hybrid and Aphrodite.

Mix Master Mike also recently finished scoring an hour of music for "Jails, Hospitals and Hip-Hop" (see "Mix Master Mike Scoring Hip-Hop Film"), the film adaptation of writer/actor Danny Hoch's solo performance piece.

"It's a lot of work watching the film, studying the characters, trying to fit the mood and creating little song pieces," he said. "But it was gratifying after I finished it."

Just in case he does find some spare time, the DJ hinted at reuniting the Skratch Piklz, which also included Shortkut, DJ Q-Bert and others. They broke up nearly a year ago.

"Hopefully we'll link back up soon and put the minds together," Mix Master Mike said.