Eden's Crush Adjusting To Life Without Cameras

'Popstars' group says it's already making plans for a second album.

NEW YORK — The "Popstars" cameras aren't following Eden's Crush anymore, but the group's five members say their made-for-TV ensemble is staying together for real.

In fact, the group, who just released their debut album, also called Popstars, are already planning a second release, which they hope will be a Spanish-language collection.

"That's the cool thing about our group. We were put together, but there are so many cool things about us, and there are so many artistic things that we are working on for our next album," group member Ivette Sosa said last week. "We all write, so we've all been thinking of [combining] our Hispanic backgrounds and Latin music and Hawaiian music."

Eden's Crush have already re-recorded several tracks from Popstars in Spanish, including the ballad "Love This Way," according to the group and its label, London-Sire. A Spanish-language album or EP could be released before the end of the year, a label spokesperson said.

"We've already done a couple of our songs translated into Spanish, and we'll probably add a couple of those — maybe four or five of those — and then all the rest [would be] original, actually Spanish songs," the group's Ana Marie Lombo said.

Although the other reality-show pop group, O-Town, returned for the second season of their show, "Making the Band," the second season of "Popstars" is expected to focus on the creation of a new group rather than continuing to follow Eden's Crush.

Eden's Crush formed after its members — all of whom are in their 20s and have extensive experience in music, dance and theater — beat out thousands of competitors on "Popstars." It was disconcerting when the cameras finally went away earlier this year, they said.

"I went through 'Popstars' withdrawal," singer Maile Misajon said.

"It was very therapeutic having the camera there — they would do interviews and stuff and I felt like it was a sort of form of therapy," Lombo added.

The group's first single, the funk-pop "Get Over Yourself," recently slipped out of the top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 after nine weeks on the chart. The next single is likely to be "Love This Way," they said.

Eden's Crush, who will open for 'NSYNC on their PopOdyssey tour, said they hope live performances will dispel any doubts among fans troubled by the group's TV-show origins.

"I have to say the word 'manufactured' has come up," Rosanna Tavarez said. "For us, it's kind of like, people will say what they're going to say ... [but] we feel that our coming together was so natural, not in terms of the auditions, but in terms of who we are. ... We make really good music together."