Next Jay-Z LP In Works; Beanie Sigel's Reason Is Clear

Cuts by Jayo Felony, Prodigy may be fueling Jay-Z's fire; Beans' next solo salvo includes Dynasty guest shots, EPMD cover.

Jay-Z is ready to return the verbal jabs that have been levied at him lately.

The Grammy Award-winner is working on a new album that he hopes to put out in August, according to Jay's longtime friend and business partner, Damon Dash.

"Jay did nine songs in two days," Dash told those in attendance at a listening session for the new Beanie Sigel album, The Reason, on Friday (April 6). "Some cats got him mad, and I can't hold him back."

Dash was not specific about exactly whom Jay was upset with. However, the streets have been buzzing about "Trued Up," a new cut by former Def Jam extended family member Jayo Felony. Appearing on Henchmen Entertainment's Bullet Proof Love Vol 1., Jayo indirectly disses Jay-Z, referencing among other things the Roc-A-Fella CEO's line "Is he a Blood, is he a Crip?" from "Streets Is Talking."

Mobb Deep's Prodigy also throws a barb at Jay-Z on "Mobb N---az." Independently released on JCOR Entertainment's Game Over II compilation, Prodigy rhymes, "N---as get bagged and tagged for comin' at my familia/ This ain't the Roc n---a/ We wet them faggot-ass n----s."

Before Jay-Z's next album arrives, Beanie Sigel's aforementioned The Reason hits stores on June 12. On the LP, which is nearly completed, Beans doles out his patented edgy, strife-filled street narratives.

"I Love You," which features Jay-Z (and, when finished, may also include vocals by Mary J. Blige), is a sequel of sorts to "Where Have You Been," which appeared on last year's The Dynasty - Roc La Familia (2000 - ). Once again, Sigel and Jay-Z are unapologetic in addressing their deep-rooted anger toward their absentee fathers while admitting they still have love in their hearts.

Sigel also remakes EPMD's 1989 classic "So Wat Cha Sayin'" on the LP as "So What U Sayin'," With Beans and Memphis Bleek going line-for-line with freestyles.

"I'm not going to try to change Beanie," Dash said. "I won't water my [Roc-A-Fella] logo. The album is not commercial. Hopefully it'll be commercial by it not being commercial."

Roc-A-Fella also plans to release "That's My Baby," the first single by crooner Rell, who's slated to drop in August as well.

"We're going to be doing [R&B] our way," Dash said. "No shiny suits or leather pants. No dancers. It's gonna be sort of on a Marvin Gaye vibe."

Dash also said that plans for the Jay-Z and R. Kelly tour are all but dead. "I doubt it [will happen]," he said. "I wasn't too excited about it anyway."

He went on to joke, "I don't have nothing against [R. Kelly], but you can't go from doing the Hard Knock Life tour to doing R&B. It'll be all 'gators and Coogi sweaters."

In the works instead is a world tour featuring Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella family, with Dash citing Europe and Japan as possible stop-offs. No details on that outing have been finalized.

Track listing for Beanie Sigel's The Reason, according to Roc-A-Fella:

  • "Nothing Like It"

  • "Guess Who's Back"

  • "For My N---as"

  • "Grandma"

  • "Get Down"

  • "Man's World"

  • "I Love You"

  • "I Don't Do Much"

  • "Watchin Bitches"

  • "What's Ya Life Like"

  • "Untitled #2"

  • "So What U Sayin'"

  • "Gangsta N---a"

  • "Tales of a Hustler"