Weary Puffy Jury Shows No Signs Of Nearing Verdict

Jurors cut short deliberations, claiming to be 'very exhausted.'

NEW YORK — The jury in the trial of Sean "Puffy" Combs ended its second day of deliberations Thursday evening without reaching a verdict or seemingly even coming close.

The 12-member panel cut its deliberations short at 6:15 p.m., claiming exhaustion.

As they trudged into the courtroom to be excused for the day, several jurors appeared to be as angry as they were tired. One, a 50-something woman who had already looked weary as the trial dragged on, repeatedly rubbed her eyes.

"We the jury request to conclude our deliberations for the day, as we are very exhausted and feel any further discussions would be counterproductive," the jury said in a note sent to Judge Charles Solomon.

The jury appears to be focused on the fate of Jamal "Shyne" Barrow, judging from the requests they've made for information. The rapper's lawyer, Murray Richman, speculated that the panel is in the midst of a "big conflict" over whether to acquit Shyne of the most serious charges based on his claims of self-defense.

Combs lawyer Benjamin Brafman said outside the courthouse that he wasn't concerned by the jury's failure to reach a verdict so far.

"We think this is perfectly normal," he said, agreeing that the jury seemed to be debating Shyne's charges.

In their first request for a read-back of testimony, jurors asked Thursday afternoon to hear the testimony of ballistics and crime-scene expert Detective Edward Wallace, who examined Club New York after the December 27, 1999, shootings there. Wallace had testified that bullet-trajectory evidence indicated Shyne's bullets could have hit the three shooting victims, while Combs could have fired a gun into the ceiling.

Meanwhile, one of three alternate jurors who were sent home on Wednesday told reporters she predicts Puffy will be acquitted.

"The prosecutor did not give enough evidence," Aurora Garcia-Susana told the New York Times. "The truth did not come out."

The 38-year-old hospital records clerk accused witnesses against Combs of lying on the stand to boost their lawsuits against the rap mogul, but said that she wasn't entirely convinced by his testimony, either.

"[Combs] was trying to portray himself as this innocent person, and I'm sure he was not," Garcia-Susana said. "I think he was guilty of something."

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