Soulfly's Cavalera Screams For The Rock In 'Mummy Returns'

Leather-lunged frontman dubs Scorpion King's screams for sequel to hit movie.

Max Cavalera has nabbed himself a role in the sequel to 1999's "The Mummy," but only true Soulfly fans will be able to recognize him.

That's because the Soulfly frontman won't be making a physical appearance in "The Mummy Returns" — only his blood-curdling screams will.

When the Scorpion King, played by WWF superstar The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne "Rocky" Johnson), makes an especially painful transformation, it's Cavalera who will be providing his most agony-laden howls for the scene, according to the singer's spokesperson at Roadrunner Records.

Cavalera's vocal track was recorded in L.A. at the end of January, before Soulfly embarked on their tour with Pantera, and it can be heard when "The Mummy Returns" is released to theaters on May 11.

In other Soulfly news, the band is the latest act to obtain its namesake URL from an unassociated owner. Following a precedent set by Madonna, Dokken, and most recently Celine Dion, the group was recently awarded the Web site, which had been previously held by an unrelated company, according to their spokesperson. The group is expected to house their official site there, replacing its current residence at

Whose scream is so extreme it oughta be in movies? You Tell Us.