'Butterfly' Gives Crazy Town Its Wings

Thanks to the success of the tender, hip-hop groove of "Butterfly," rap-rockers Crazy Town are finally taking off, 14 months after their debut album, The Gift of Game, was released.

This week the album jumped 30 places on the Billboard 200 albums chart to #145 after barely breaking onto the chart four weeks ago. Because the group has spent much of the year on the road with Buckcherry, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and MTV's Return of the Rock Tour, co-vocalist Brett "Epic" Mazur said the realities of success haven't had a chance to sink in.

"It's hard when you're on the road to notice certain things," Mazur said. "It's all so new. I mean, my clothes are dirty right now. I'm still the same old me."

Mazur's partner in rhyme, Shifty Shellshock, on the other hand, can't help but take notice of the changes around him. "The crowds are growing, and so are we. More girls [are showing up to our shows], which is always nice."

The realization that the band may finally be getting its just desserts has replaced Shellshock's uncertainty over the band's future with a renewed eagerness. "One thing that has changed is that pit somewhere in my stomach of not knowing what's coming in the future," he said. "That's kind of gone away, and what took its place is excitement for what we can do next."

"Butterfly," The Gift of Game's third single, is in stark contrast to most of the other tracks on the record, especially previous singles "Darkside" and "Toxic." However, Mazur and Shellshock aren't afraid that the mellow-by-comparison tune will give people the wrong impression of the fearsome Hollywood septet.

"This has kinda been our game plan since day one," Shellshock explained. "We didn't want to come out with the 'big first single.' We also wanted to put out songs that represent us correctly. Now we can put out 'Butterfly' and kids will know that there's more to us. If we just came out with 'Butterfly,' who knows what we're all about? Before we let you see our sensitive side, you have to know our dark side."

Crazy Town will ring in the New Year in Phoenix, performing at the KEDJ-FM radio show on December 31.