Viewers To 'Crawl' In Papa Roach's Ears, Out Nose

Video director to use computer effects to take fans on fantastic voyage through bodies of bandmembers.

Every viewer of Papa Roach's upcoming video to "Between Angels and Insects" will get to be the ultimate band insider.

Director Joseph Kahn will use computer effects to create the illusion that his camera is moving through the bandmembers' bodies during what otherwise will be a straight-up studio-performance video.

"We'll go through the pores of his nose and come out his ears," Kahn said. "I was just thinking about how performance sequences are all the same and figured out a way to make this one different."

The video will be shot in a Los Angeles studio January 9, just before Papa Roach take off for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to play the Rock In Rio festival. From there, the Northern California band is scheduled to play a month of dates in Europe, starting with a January 18 stop in Finland.

"Between Angels and Insects" is the third single from Papa Roach's breakthrough album, Infest. The song is not expected to be released to radio until February.

In addition to the subcutaneous shots, Kahn said the video will capture the bandmembers' vivacity as performers. "They're a young, hungry band," he said. "They put a lot of energy into their shows and thrash around in a way that most of us couldn't without dislocating our necks."

The director's video credits include Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," Sisqó's "Thong Song," Britney Spears' "Stronger" and Moby's "South Side," featuring Gwen Stefani.