Wilson Phillips' Carnie To Undergo Surgery Online

If you've been wondering where the ladies of Wilson Phillips have been, you'll get at least a partial answer next week when Carnie Wilson, once one-third of the '80s hitmakers, will go under the knife live on the Internet.

The singer is slated to undergo gastric bypass surgery next Tuesday, and the folks at www.adoctorinyourhouse.com will carry the procedure live. In the operation, recommended only for excessively obese people who have had no success with traditional weight loss methods, doctors create a small thumb-sized stomach and attach the small intestine directly to it, effectively bypassing the rest of the stomach.

The site, billed as "the Internet's only celebrity featured health and wellness service," is carrying Wilson's surgery as part of an ongoing exploration of obesity. The singer and one-time talk show host has hosted chats about the condition and can be seen in RealVideo speaking about her weight


The site also follows Mackenzie Phillips as she considers cosmetic surgery, and chronicles Pat Boone's fight against prostate cancer.