Wallflowers Talk "Breach," Will Open Who Shows

The Wallflowers will finally release their long-awaited third album next month, as the band's new disc, "Breach," is slated to arrive in stores on October 10, almost four and a half years after the group issued its breakthrough LP, "Bringing Down The Horse."

The Wallflowers eventually rode "Horse" up through sales of more than 4 million copies, according to SoundScan, and frontman Jakob Dylan told MTV News that the delay in recording "Breach" was due to the belated way in which the previous record took off, as well as the extensive touring that followed.

"You know, [as for] the time between records, we'd actually worked the last record for quite a long time," Dylan said. "It really started to become noticed after it had been out for a year already. We worked on it and toured for

a total of two and a

half years, and we got home and took about five months of a break. Then we got in and started this record and it took a little while, mainly because we didn't really have any pressure to finish it at any particular time. We just waited until we got it right."

The Wallflowers paid a visit to MTV's Times Square studios earlier this week to premiere the video for its new single, "Sleepwalker," and Dylan noted that the drawn-out manner in which the track finally came together was indicative of the lengthy sessions behind "Breach."

"['Sleepwalker' had] one hell of a long genesis," he said, "some eight months of trying to figure that damn thing out. Actually, when I had originally written that song, I recorded it with just an acoustic guitar, and it had a kind of finger-picking

to it.

HREF="/sitewide/utils/playmedia.jhtml?clip=/mtv/news/real/w/wallflower000915_2.rm">"It became a little tricky when the band started recording it," Dylan continued,"because when you're doing that kind of guitar playing, you don't need drums, because it kind of has a rhythm to itself. We actually had to struggle, and we went through many different versions of the song."

"There was kind of a really slow, moody version," recalled Wallflowers guitarist Mike Ward.

"We're going to have a box set of just 'Sleepwalker' outtakes," Dylan joked.

"Yeah, the box set is going to be awesome,"

Ward added.

In related Wallflowers news,

the band has just been added as the opening act for The Who's four shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 3, 4, 6, and 7.

The Wallflowers are substitutes for the concerts' original co-headliners, Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, who were forced to cancel their appearance -- as well as the rest of their fall tour -- because of Page's continuing back problems (see "Page, Crowes Nix North American, European Tour Plans").