Verve Pipe Go Home Again

Feb. 4 [7:55 EST] -- On Sunday, the Verve Pipe returned to its home state of Michigan, to headline a show in Grand Rapids.

The band is also in the MTV Buzz Bin with "The Freshmen," a video from the band's album "Villains," which came out nearly a year ago.

When we asked singer Brian Vander-Ark how it feels to finally see the song starting to make it, he told us he actually wrote the tune before the band was even formed five years ago.

"It feels really good to have the song out there now, to have a definitive version of the song," Vander-Ark told MTV News.

"We've gone through a lot of different versions of the song, basically with the same melody, but with a different feel. It started out as kind of me and an acoustic guitar, and then joining a rock and roll band was the dream for me. So then having a rock and roll band, I wanted all the guys to play along and, be able to step up to that plate, so I'm thrilled that the song is out there now, and it's pretty

much complete."

The college publication "U. Magazine" is now sponsoring a Verve Pipe contest: tell the mag about your most memorable experience as a college freshman, and the band will pick a winner and perform on their campus.