The Verve Pipe Play For Jenny McCarthy

Feb. 20 [7:55 EST] -- The Verve Pipe, which is currently enjoying Buzz-Bin status with its hit "The Freshmen," was just in Los Angeles to shoot an appearance on "The Jenny McCarthy Show."

On the show, the band performed, what else, "The Freshmen," which Verve Pipe singer Brian Vander Ark wrote five years ago.

The band has rearranged and re-recorded the song several times since, and in fact there's a new CD-5 with three different versions of it.

The version heard in the video was remixed by Black Crowes producer Jack Pwegg.

"The new arrangement of 'The Freshmen' was a version we came up with live," Vander Ark explained to MTV News.

"Jerry's version of 'The Freshmen' on 'Villains,' it was originally on 'Villains,' but not everybody was playing on that version of it. So, we were like, 'Yunno', we want it to be a band thing' so we started playing this different version live. And it was going over so great, we said, 'You know, we've really got to capture

it somehow.' So we decided to re-record it, and Jack really captured it... captured the live feel."

The Verve Pipe will return that "live feel" when they go out on the road next month. The band's episode of "The Jenny McCarthy Show" airs in April, while the new variety show premieres March 5 on MTV.

Meanwhile, Jenny's replacement on MTV's "Singled Out," Carmen Electra, will reportedly fill her idle hours by replacing Pamela Anderson in the next season of "Baywatch."